Peter G C Ellis's Compositions

5760 Spliced Treble Dodging Minor in 16 methods
by Peter G C Ellis (No 1045)

23456 Oxford -23564 Morning Star -52364 Donottar -35264 Wath -35642 Pennine -63542 Cheviot -56342 Chester -35642 Morpeth -35426 Dover -35264 Ely -23564 Norfolk -23645 Combermere -62345 Vale Royal -36245 Newdigate -23645 Wragby -23456 Cambridge -42356 3 PART

5760 Spliced Treble Dodging Minor in 16 methods.

Comprising: 360 each Cambridge, Norfolk, Chester, Morpeth Surprise; Combermere, Vale Royal, Newdigate, Wragby Delight; Ely, Dover, Donottar, Wath Delight; Pennine, Cheviot, Morning Star, Oxford Treble Bob.

16 methods, 4 methods from each method group, utilizes all 14 regular back-works, 16 different below-works.
65’s at backstroke in just one course per part. 47 com, atw.
Similar to Composition 1044, but similar backworks are kept in consecutive courses (except for Cambridge and Norfolk).
From an idea by P J Earis. Composed January 2014.

Rung at Brailsford, Derbys. on Thu 17th Jul 2014 conducted by PGCE.
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