Peter G C Ellis's Compositions

720 Spliced Surprise Minor in 3 methods
by Peter G C Ellis (No 1041)

Comprising 360 Bourne, 240 Durham and 120 Beverley. 23456 Bo Bo Bo - 64235 Du - 64352 Du Bv Du - 23645 Du 34256 Bv Du Bo Bo - 62345 Bo Du Bv - 62453 Bv Du Bo Bo - 34625 Bo Du Bv 42356 Du Bo - 63425 Bo Bo - 63254 Bo Du - 42635 Bo Bo 23456 There is a 5-part composition for Wooler, Newcastle, Morpeth and Chester wich gives all the work for each bell: 23456 Wo - 64235 Wo Nw Ch Mo Wo - 35264 Repeat 4 times The equivalent block for Cambridge-over methods exists in theory, but can’t be rung as a 720 as the 2nd bob brings you back to the starting row. If you de-construct this theoretical 5-part, then a 720 can be created as shown above, but it is no longer an all the work composition. In the greater scheme of things, there is not much use for this composition, except to provide something different to ring. Perhaps its greater novelty value lies in the fact that it was composed in Tibet at Everest Base Camp.

Rung at Nether Whitacre, Warks. on Sat 23rd Feb 2013 conducted by PGCE.
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