Peter G C Ellis's Compositions

720 Spliced Surprise Minor in 2 methods
by Peter G C Ellis (No 23)

23456 Yo Yo Yo - 56423 Yo Yo Yo Yo Du - 45623 Du Du Yo Du Du - 64523 Du - 64235 Du Yo Yo Du Yo - 26435 Yo Du Yo Du Du - 42635 Du - 42356 Du Du Yo Du Yo - 34256

All the work of York and Durham in 720 true changes.

Comprising 360 each Durham and York.

It is not possible to ring all the work of York and Durham in a regular 3-part 720. However, it can be achieved using a Rev. E Bankes James’ arrangement, as shown above, or as a 1-part 720 (see John Warboys' website, or Composition 1023 on this site).

Rung at Ockley, Surrey, on Sat 12th Apr 1997 conducted by PGCE.
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